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Torquay (Devon)
Coasteering Airtime with Blue Dot Adventure Coasteering Airtime with Blue Dot Adventure Hang Tough Coasteering with Blue Dot Adventure

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Description of Coasteering

If you want to go Coasteering with Blue Dot Adventure, we have two packages to choose from: 'Airtime' for the adrenalin junkies looking to get some serious air from the jumps, and 'Hang tough' for the climbers looking to get pumped on some over-vertical limestone.

*Groups need a minimum of 8 people for the activity to run*

Water SportsWater Sports DevonWater Sports Torquay

What does the activity include
  • All safety kit.
  • Winter wetsuits.
  • Pictures and video shared on our facebook page.
  • Beers or bubbly for stag/hen or birthday boy or girl.
How long the activity lasts
Going coasteering with Blue Dot Adventures runs for around 3 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
Mornings and Afternoons.

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8 - 32 people
£45 33% from
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Some people find inspirations between the rocks, listening the waves crashing with the mountains or just seeing the charming blue tone of the beach.

Rural sceneries and habitual walks require a little physical form but any experience is required. "Dancing Ledge" permits the guest jump and does many extreme Sports. "Durdle Door" also is a place hard to forget. We change the routes depending on the visitors but believe us the chance to jump is here.

The paths are very accessible for us and your group. It is hilarious course, the laughs will resonant at the caves and nooks. Feel like an invincible person at the top of Dorset. 
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Join us for an exciting day outdoors in which you will have the chance to experience the South Devon coast in an exciting new way. This area is known for its beauty and spectacular landscapes which you can explore in a thrilling coasteering session.

We will take to one of the most interesting places in South Devon, which is known as the Gara Rock. It is a unique formation that offers breathtaking views. And the best part is that you will have to take it on, not just admire it from a distance. You will need to scramble rocks, jump into water pools and swim in the surrounding waters. 

This coasteering session is the perfect way to break out of your routine and spend some quality time outdoors either with your friends or with other like-minded individuals who are in search of an adrenaline rush, just like you. The activity will take place in the safest possible conditions, which is why our professional guides are going to hold a briefing before beginning.  

While we provide all the equipment for the activity itself, we do require you to bring a towel, swimwear to use under the wetsuit, drinking water and a pair of trainers with decent grip.
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Have you ever wanted to try a different outdoor activity? Then you will be delighted to know that you can enjoy an exciting experience in South Devon which involves both a coasteering session at Gara Rock and a Rib Ride that takes you to this amazing place. 

As we want you to enjoy the activity in the safest possible conditions, we will provide a full safety briefing prior to embarking on this adventure. You will learn key coasteering and boat trips concepts that allow you to focus only on the experience itself. We will provide all the necessary equipment and you all you need to bring is a pair of swimwear, shoes with good grip and just a genuine desire to have fun.

Once that is out of the way and everyone is on the Big Rib, we can start our exciting journey along the Salcombe coastline. When we reach Gara Rock, it's time to put our abilities to the test while scrambling, climbing, jumping into pools and swimming around. After you're done, we can hop back on the Rib and head back home in style.
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South Devon is a lovely place that welcomes many visitors each. While most tourists head to the beaches or other popular places, adventure lovers have the opportunity to see the more remote and inaccessible places thanks to this offer.

You can embark on a coasteering adventure along the Salcombe coastline in which you can put your abilities to the test while also enjoying the spectacular views. Before we begin, our fully qualified instructor will provide a safety briefing that allows you to become familiar with the activity. In addition, they will hand you all the necessary gear so you don't have to worry about anything. 

In order to surpass the obstacles laid before you by the rocks and the sea, you will have to climb, scramble, swim and jump into water pools or into the sea. It's a great chance to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time outdoors.

* Discounts available for large groups.
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Daydreaming about having an adventurous day out on sea?

Our private group session is made special for 1-5 people who wish to intimately experience all there is to know about coasteering.

Your day begins at a rural carpark where we will suit you up in our of our wetsuits along with the rest of the safety gear you will need.

It is recommended guests come with their swimwear on. As well bringing their own; towel, drink / snack, and old trainers for the water (not water shoes or crocs as they tend to slip!)

For half a day, 3 hours , you will trek the rocky coastline by foot, jump into the sea, swim , and explore secret caves.

If coasteering sounds right up your alley, give us a shout and let's coordinate your next adventure with us today!

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