Climbing & Abseiling One Day Course

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Poole (Dorset)
Rock Climbing is fun. Climbing at Swanage Climbing at Swanage

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Description of Climbing & Abseiling One Day Course

Rock Climbing for beginners 
This One Day Course will introduce you to rock climbing and inspire you to continue the sport. The day will introduce you to moving on rock and climbing with ropes. An action packed day; you will have an enjoyable experience with a professional and experienced instructor.

You can ‘add-on’ to this course by joining us on Day Two of a Two Day Introductory Course, should you wish to further your climbing skills and learn more about rope techniques for independent climbing.

No experience required for this course, but it is also a fantastic start outside for those who’ve done a bit of climbing indoors.

These run from 10am until 4pm

Spaces are limited so please call ahead to check avalability.

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What does the activity include
  • All safety equipment
  • Ropes
  • Helmets
  • Harness
  • Instructor for the day
How long the activity lasts
This rock climbing course will last for around 5 hours
When your activity starts and finishes
The rock climbing course starts at 10 am and finishes at 3pm

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2 - 6 people
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Questions and answers about the activity

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Enjoy a half an hour taster session on our indoor climbing wall at Hi Rock and enjoy learning the ropes with this course with training from our qualified instructor. You will learn the basic skills you need to be scaling our wall in no time!

*Please note that the minimum age for this activity is 6.
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If you are looking to learn to climb, Hi Rock is a marvelous location that is run by those who are passionate about climbing and sharing it with others. This is a 2 session course of 2 hours each that will give you the basics of this challenging sport. Climbing training takes place on our indoor wall which has climbing grades for all levels of climbers and is open all year round rain or shine.
Our instructors offer excellent training and no previous experience is necessary.

*Please note that the minimum age for this course is 6.
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If you are a climber looking to advance with your climbing skills, Hi Rock offers this 90 minute improver´s session where one of our instructors will help you improve and push yourself to new levels. Training takes place on our indoor climbing wall which means you can climb any time of year, rain or shine.

*Please note that the minute age for this course is 6.
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This is a fantastic afterschool activity for kids and a great way to get their beans out! Hi Rock offers this great club to help get the younger part of the population involved in this challenging and confidence building sport. Our indoor climbing wall means that we are open all year round rain or shine. We offer excellent instruction and our climbing wall offers challenges for all levels of climbers and climbers can start out and advance and develop their skills on our wall that offers elements for all levels. This club is run over the course of 10 weeks, an hour a week.

*Please note that the minimum age for this activity is 6.
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Looking for a unique way to celebrate a child´s birthday party? Hi Rock offers a great and active party solution that will have children climbing up the wall with excitement! This is a 90 minute session with an extra hour for food (we do not provide the refreshments, food must be brought along).  Children will be supervised at all times while they receive tips and pointers on how to climb.

*Please note that the minimum age for participants is 6.
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Those looking for 1-to-1 climbing training can enjoy the finest climbing instruction in the Portsmouth area at Hi Rock. This package includes 4 hours of training that can up split into 2 sessions. Our instructors are able to accommodate any level of climber and training takes place on our indoor climbing wall that offers elements for everyone.
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If you love to spend time in the mountains there are no better way to have fun that coming to our club.

You can choose between Climbing or abseiling sessions. Both of them are a mind-boggling experiences that bring you the opportunity to conquer the highs. The Devon´s Cliffs are one of the most thrilling spots to spend a family day.

Enjoy a particular and personalized abseiling or climbing session guide by really qualified monitors and adapted to the security measures that we bring to the guests. The natural rock mountains are full of fantastic areas that include Chudleigh and Dartmoor Tors.

Try to descend with the harness and control the ropes, progress by your own and demonstrate to the world and yourself the bravery that you have.

Choose the best option!

£30 person (3 and more)*
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Mendip Hills are a spectacular rural green zone of the UK. There we run the open sessions for fanatic climbers.

Take the action with your hand and enjoy the power of highs. We you find you at the top everything will be smaller than you but you have to remember the amount of effort that you invest getting there.

These short courses are structured for groups or for individual adventure guys and girls who see the mountains like their next aspiration. Choose your best comfortable clothes to climb or abseil.

Don´t be selfish with your desires and book today for your next exploration. We receive a lot of people of many ages and different characteristics so be calmed because we will patience with your climbing or abseiling session.
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