4 experiences in West Sussex

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Horsham (West Sussex)
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Description of 4 experiences in West Sussex

Can you imagine threee hours having fun doing differents activities?

The word "boring" doesn´t  exist for us.

First of all you will be a real medieval archer but in a modern and dinamic atmosphera using awesome a secure bows. We´ll guide you in a friendly way, you just have to come with all of your crew.

After that you´ll become a shooter that have a clear target. We have ample rage of differents kind of rifles for you that will challenge your skills.

Moreover you will be involve in Axe Throwing and a interesting 4x4 driving. awesome, right?

Four experiences in one. Actually, everyone want to try this. Don´t be alone in your home a discover a new experience. 

MultiadventureMultiadventure West SussexMultiadventure Horsham

What does the activity include

We offer you:

-3 Hours of fun.
-Differents activities including: 4x4 Driving, Archery, Shooting, Axe Throwing.

How long the activity lasts
The activities begings at 9:00am and end to 4pm with one hour of rest. You can enjoy three of those hours with your group.
When your activity starts and finishes
3 hours - 9:00m to 1:00pm

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 24 people
Rewards! £1.05
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Questions and answers about the activity

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This is a serious target archery session brought to you by Top Events GB for small groups. Enjoy our lovely location in the East Herts countryside while you enjoy this marvelous sport.

We use only the best when it comes to equipment and we supply high quality from the modern re-curve bows to the alloy arrows and will be appropriate for all heights and sizes.

We provide coaching from our experienced archers and our head coaches are GNAS qualified and registered. Our coaches will be there throughout your experience to continue providing feedback and to help you perfect your technique.

This session starts off with a beginner's safety briefing, followed by tuition for shooting stance and how to hold the bow.

Everyone receives a certificate which includes their highest score of the day.
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If you´ve ever wanted to try archery or to develop your skills as an archer, we will provide you with the training necessary.

This course consists in 2 to 3 sessions of up to 90 mins where you will receive private training from our coach who is a qualified bowman.

The minimum age for this course is 18 and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Purchase this activity for the date you would like to have your first lesson and we will work with you to arrange the following sessions.
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Specialist one-to-one archery coaching, completely tailored to the individual. Learn at your own pace, and develop your skills to the highest levels. Former archery students have gone from beginner to County level in 6 months, and beginner to national level in just 1 year, using the finest professional training methods in the world.

We Teach :
Compound bow
Olympic recurve bow
Traditional archery

Training for both adults and children.

Most disabilities are catered for.
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Elite Archery Coaching offers you a specialist 'Pre-shooting', training schedule based on the same principles that the Korean archers use to ensure that they take all the gold medals at the Olympics. It has been proven again and again, to work highly effectively! We offer this archery training you in your own home or workplace anywhere in London!

We can travel to you to give you this Pre-training. As you will be learning the techniques of drawing a bow correctly, and won't actually be shooting any arrows. This training can be carried out safely & efficiently at your home, or workplace. All training is carried out by an experienced professional archery coach who has shot at county level.

Your training will consist in:
• Correct stance
• Advanced alignment
• Correct bow hold
• Advanced draw technique
• Correct release & follow through
• Technical aspects of bow-tuning
• Precision arrow building
• Mental preparation for competition
• Nutritional advice for training
• Fitness training
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We offer special archery training for children, with all lessons tailored to the individual, so that they can learn at their own speed.

All training is carried out to the highest standards, with emphasis on safety, and all equipment is provided.

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Choose two fun and competitive taster sessions from the four variations on the shooting theme:
  • Laser Clay Pigeon shooting: a fun and safe way to enjoy a very competitive sport. Using genuine Italian double barrel over/under shotguns (but no recoil), individual scores are displayed simultaneously on an electronic scoreboard.
  • Target Archery: a great introduction to archery. Shooting 'bare bow style' (no sights) the equipment we use is all high quality from the modern recurve bows to the alloy arrows and will be appropriate to your height/age/size.
  • Air Rifle shooting: using a .22 rifle you’ll shoot at a variety of objects from simple zoned paper targets to flipback ‘Fairground’ style metal figures.
  • Axe & Knife throwing: using specially designed throwing weapons, see if you can hit the wooden target.
Your session will start with a safety briefing so that everyone is fully aware of the environment and how to behave on all shooting ranges. Following this we instruct on the shooting stance and method of holding either the bow or gun.

Once the stance is sorted we brief you on how to safely load and aim. Following some practice shots with continued coaching, we complete each activity with a fun competition or simply a personal scored round... Have you decided what to do yet? Book your package and get in touch with us today!
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Apocalypse Day is coming, come with your friends and family. Have you ever dreamed of living a real movie? You will have fun is the forest, while facing and challenging your comrades.

You will have so much fun with your team, you will feel like you are on a tv show like The Walking Dead, and at the same time, you will feel like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.
Archery, knife and hax throwing, pistol shooting and more is waiting for you to have the best time of your life!

We have a fully trained and experienced instructors that will teach you how to use all of this. Will you be able to defend yourself and your team? Come and enjoy this fantastic journey, survive to another day and improve your skills to become the number one!
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Summer Day is here! Enjoy this amazing adventure with all your friends and family in an outstanding location. Can you handle it? We know you can! Kayaking will be an amazing activity, just take your paddle and go on! Axe throwing and spear throwing are waiting for you too!

This activity is suitable for all ages, come with your children and have the best day of your life! They will really love this experience, it's like you are living out a movie! You will learn all the skills and techniques, our trained staff will take care of you, and we'll provide you with all the equipment for the activitie.

If you are ready for an amazing journey, we offers you the best activities with the best company!
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