1 to 1 Advanced Orienteering at Dartmoor Full Day

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Description of 1 to 1 Advanced Orienteering at Dartmoor Full Day

Have you been for a long time busy and not saving some time for yourself? This private orienteering session for people with previous experience is the perfect plan to keep working on your navigation and orientation abilities while exploring one of the locations where this course takes place: Dartmoor, Lake District, Peak District, and Snowdonia. New challenges are waiting for you.

You will need a full day to complete this experience while practising the interpretation of contours, different map scales, and relocation abilities together with the use of a compass. Know that together with the instructor that will be guiding you, you will be facing parts with low visibility (challenging your decision making) and unknown terrain to finish your day expedition reaching all the goals.

Included is the safety and orienteering equipment you might need during your adventure. Additionally, Know that the meeting point will be at the location where the session will take place. Don't wait for more and join this adventure that will help you to disconnect from the routine and distractions and keep developing interesting and enjoyable skills around nature.

Book now. Come and experience with us this orienteering activity.

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What does the activity include
  • Safety and orienteering equipment
  • Course guide
  • Instructions
How long the activity lasts
Please allow a day to complete this private advanced orienteering experience.
When your activity starts and finishes
Book for you to pick the most convenient time.

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1 - 1 people
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