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Birmingham (West Midlands)
Standup paddleboarding in the midlands SUP in Birmingham City Stand Up Paddleboarding Midlands

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Want to try one of the fastest growing water sports in the world?
Then why not give stand up paddle boarding a go - It's easy to learn and fun to do

Stand up Paddling is similar to surfing except the paddler uses a longer canoe type paddle to move through the water while standing on an large style surfboard. It's fun to do on anywater surface at all, not just in the ocean!

Stand Up Paddle Surfing isn't that hard to learn. To start with you will find standing up on the board and paddling will be the trickiest part. If you already surf then the wave riding part should be pretty familiar, except that you will be riding for longer and more often!

SUP's is for all outdoors or water sport fans looking for something different.

Paddle BoardingPaddle Boarding West MidlandsPaddle Boarding Birmingham

What does the activity include

All course costs include safety equipment, wetsuit and qualified instructors.

How long the activity lasts

The Stand Up Paddleboarding session will last for 1.5 Hours.

When your activity starts and finishes

When you book, contact us and we will arrange a time.

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2 - 10 people
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Adventure SUP Academy offers private stand up paddleboarding tuition or tours that cater perfectly to your needs and best of all, you won´t have to share your instructor with anyone. We can run the tour or training at a number of locations in Essex and Suffolk on either rivers or coastal waters depending on what you´re looking for.
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Stand up paddle is easier that you think.

Enjoy a day out at the shore. You should SUP in flat waters with our club. This activity improves automatically your health. Your mind will feel centered with all of your senses for this reason the balance of your body is important for this activity.

You will be on board ff a great paddle meanwhile you listen the instructions of our staff. The Llamgollen canal is a precious rural zone. It is full of great natural sounds and feudal monuments.

The journey will happen between a modern and a medieval ambiance. There is no reason to don´t does it. UK is full of interesting things and it is more interesting if you enjoy them with your friends group in a magical zone.

We prepared different activities for an unusual day out!

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Stand up paddling is the new sensation is this zone of UK. Create memories trying your best with the full tuition pack made especially for people like you that want to discover a fantastic sunset standing on a board.

The Llangollen canal has so many unexpected natural surprises that make every visit a different one. Our coaches run the lessons, making feel you confidence about your worries and needs. This special classes are for 8-12 years old adventurous. No matter which is your skill level will surely level up the range.

Every day we enjoy a little windy in the ocean, it won´t affect your balance at the paddle. This sea is really quiet. You will never be as relaxed as you will be at the middle of nowhere surrounded by a perfect blue tone. At the paddle we create funny games to make fun at the little trip. Our mission is that you enjoy it for sure.

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The summer is here!

Enjoy a fantastic whitewaters escapade. We can tailor make an activity with your entire nearest group of friends. If you never ever tried it don´t worry our qualified monitors will make you feel really good.

Take advantage of or guides lessons, explore the River Dee in a day full of boldness. With this king of sports your mind will reconnect with your body to find a health balance. 

Our package is under the guidance of the best trainers. Be confident as long as you laugh at the rhythm of the waves.

The slow movement will help to you to break off outside the routine. There is no a better place to clear up your thoughts!

*Remember our rules: 16+, under 18's have to come with an adult*

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Whitewaters is the new "must-have". Spend a day exploring the beautiful views that the river create for you.

Our SUP Full day is offer is for groups from 2 to 10 venturesome people.

This experience required that you are plenty focusing on it. This is a movement activity that you enjoy outside. Beyond of your thoughts we need that you feel comfortable and physical preparing to raft. It important makes you feel secure and capable to face it.

Whitewaters experience is something that you have to test at least once. Of course when you finish it you will repeat for sure. We have the best sport products of the country; our hire service is full of equipments to explore or riding waves.

It is important let you know that if you are 16-18 years old please come with and adult!

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Hove Lagoon, Brighton, Sussex offers the perfect location to learn to Stand up Paddleboard ( SUP ). The calm, flat shallow water is ideal for beginners with the challenges of the sea with in easy reach.

SUPing uses a big board which you stand on with paddle to propel yourself. It is a very versatile and fun sport that enables you to enjoy being on the water in many different ways. SUPing is a great way to enjoy being on the water with other people of all ages, particularly as the basic skills are relatively easy to grasp with the right guidance.

As you become more confident a whole world of paddling opens up including coastal, lake and river touring, racing and even SUP surfing.

Course Content Includes:
  • Kneel and stand up on the paddle board
  • Self rescue and safety techniques
  • Basic turns
  • Paddle techniques
  • Flat water paddling techniques
  • How to carry the equipment
  • Be aware of different conditions and the environment

Suitability: Adults

Prerequisites: This course is aimed at complete beginners. Non swimmers please advise us in advance.

What to bring
All you need to bring is an old pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet, towel and swim wear.  We sell neoprene shoes in the office. Wetsuit, buoyancy aid and SUP equipment hire is included.
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At Lagoon Watersports we offer a fun and memorable day for families to taste and try new sports! 

The activities included in this incredible package are Windsurfing, Sailing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. We guarantee that the family will have a great time, get really wet, try new adventures and experiences. This offer consists of an introduction to each watersport, the coach will show you how to use the equipment to get you going. 

We provide a whole and full tuition from certified instructors that will accompany you throughout the whole day. 

The best part is that the groups are kept small, actually and that means better tuition and quick learning, guaranteed. 

Would like to try it? Contact Lagoon Watersports today!

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Come and bring your children and their awesome friends to the Family Watersports Day!

This activity is great to pass quality time with all your loved ones and ideal for children cause our highly prepared instructors will give everything at each step of each watersport, and they are Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. 

These fun activities on water are a great combination to discover new hobbies and improve in them. Also, all the equipment and gears are included, even the wetsuit. You guys, only need to bring that swimsuit, sandals and towels! 

We guarantee a perfect environment at Hove Lagoon for the whole family, even the for your adorable dog! We advise these package for a special occasion, as Birthday parties. 

*All kids must be accompanied by an adult, 4 kids per adult.* 
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