300 Paintballs Full Day North Wales

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Halkyn (Flintshire)
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Description of 300 Paintballs Full Day North Wales

Come along for a day´s worth of paintball war at Iwantago Paintball! This paintball experience gives you 300 paintballs to use over the course of the day. Head out on the field at 10:00 and enjoy this thrilling activity until 4:00pm! We provide everything you will need to play, lunch and refreshments during the day!

PaintballPaintball FlintshirePaintball Halkyn

What does the activity include
  • 300 paintballs and gun
  • A state-of-the-art playing field
  • All of the protective gear required including face mask and overalls
  • Lunch and refreshments
How long the activity lasts
Arrive between 9:00 and 9:30 and head out on the battlefield for 10:00 until 4:00.

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Basic information

1 - 30 people
Rewards! £0.90
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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Questions and answers about the activity

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8-40 max No No No
Our battlefields in Llangollen, Wrexham, are waiting for you and your friends to experience a three-hour game of paintball.

We are a group of trained professionals that are in love with extreme sports, especially with paintball.

We want you to enjoy this game and have an enjoyable time. Therefore we will set up the battlefield of your choosing, and before the game starts, we will have a safety briefing so you can enjoy the game but remain safe.

When choosing your battlefield, our options are bunkers, double-decker buses, and hidden villages. Just imagine yourself and your friends in one of these fields!

Any time you play a paintball game, you are guaranteed a good time. You get so many unforgettable stories from the paintball experience.

The only thing you should bring apart from your game strategy is your boots or trainers, and we will give you the protective clothing for the game.

Are you ready to enter the battlefield and have a great time playing paintball in Llangollen? Your memorable experience is just one book away!
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10-29 max No No No
Why not enjoy a stimulating half day of paintball with this three hour package? It is perfect for beginners and you can purchase more paintballs if you run out of them. We will provide you the equipment and the playing field, which is full of trees and strategical places to hide.

It may sound obvious, but the main point of this activity is not to get caught. It is easy to say but not so easy to achieve it. The more players you have alive (with no painting on their suits), the more likely your team is going to win.

You have 200 paintballs and you may think shooting is enough to defeat all your enemies, but nothing further from the truth. The best advice that experts always give is that if you are a novice, try to hide and don’t rush, or you will get shot very easily. You have 3 hours, plenty of time to mark your opponents with the colour of your team: red or blue.

During a half day game, you will play six action packed games in three different areas. And, as we said before, if you have no paintballs left, don’t worry because you can purchase more if you wish.
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10-29 max No No No
This is the best package for the most enthusiastic paintballers. When 300 is not enough, 500 paintballs is the solution.We provide half day of paintball, access to our battlefield and all the equipment you need, including the inferno semi-automatic marker (in other words, the gun), the clean camouflage coverall -ready to get dirty- and the mask.

Believe it or not, paintball is often compared to a chess game, where the victory is based on slow and methodical progress. Think, hide, run and then, if you dare, attack. This is a team work activity, so this means you will have to collaborate with the rest of the members for a common goal.

Think it twice what team you want to be in before the session starts, otherwise you may end up with that person you would rather shoot than protect. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! By the way, remember this is a game and the purpose is to make the most of the experience with your friends and have fun.This is an original way to celebrate stag and hen parties and also birthdays. We can also provide lunch, but it must be prebooked. Get in touch with us and we will give you more details.
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10-29 max No Yes No
This is the most popular package for beginners, we like to call it the ‘Silver package’. Apart from the equipment, it includes 500 paintballs per player and lunch (we love pizza!). You can purchase extra balls on site if you run out of them.

The standard full day session begins at 9.00 - 9.30 and finishes at 3.00 - 3.30, slightly later in the summer. You can buy extras at the shop, such as hot and cold drinks, snacks, paintball gloves and smoke grenades (only if you are 18 or older). Apart from lunch and 500 paintballs, this silver package includes the gun (inferno semi-automatic marker), clean camouflage clothes and the mask.

We normally offer different packages from basic ‘pay as you play’ to packages with 1,000 paintballs included, contact us for more information and we will be more than happy to get back to you. All full day events include lunch except the Bronze package (the basic ‘pay as you play’). During a full day you will be able to play from 6 to 10 action games in 4-6 different zones.

Before every session we give the participants a basic brief. One curiosity, did you know that the winner of the first paintball game won it without firing a single shot? That was lucky!
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6-30 max No No No
Paintball is one of the most popular extreme adventures around the world but in UK we have an inimitable way to spend a faultless paintball day.

The battle begins with us! Our terrain is a military field in the middle of the Llangollen forest. The big trees hide perfect obstacles to hide your guns and yourself.

Several stacks of Trunks and rocks are greatly placed to put you out of sight when the adversaries want to disturb your peace. Run and shoot to g hit as many opponents as you can and become the best player of the day. The more people you hit the more points you get!

We named a few different kinds of combats that you can choose to establish the goal of the day.  We have funny games and interactive list of battles. Depending on you preferences and experience we can make this activity for challenging and fun

We hope to see you soon at our paintball field
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8-100 max No No No
The Whyndyke Farm is the perfect room for a paintball briefing.

This outdoor traditional color shoots is an eminent exercise or hobby. With 100 balls and our marshal’s eyes you gave the option to choose 7 games with very different targets.

Our impartial hand will provide yours of the best tips and clues to coordinate you team and avoid a terrible loss.

You mask and protection gear is the wall that the champions use for every step that id closer to the victory, barriers, flags, color splashes and fun.

You won´t have limits for a new charge of air and there at the forest there are many paintballs wanted to be explode for you.
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8-100 max No No No
Our impartial eyes will see fly your paintballs towards your enemies. The present pack is great to beginners. The energy at the outside is absorbed by our good vibes and you action power to play.

Be witty is this color games. Enjoy in a calm site of a battle with your friends. This is not a temporary feeling. Every time you talk of paintball you think is Blackpool.

We are near to Blackpool Centre. The kids under 18… Please fight with your parents.

The paintlist include contest like a huge wall and a lot of barricaded or a simple flag challenge to mix the color with the traditional paintball.

Hit the ground, Attack the enemies and please have fun!
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8-100 max No No No
Whyndyke Farm is the open campus that represents the huge area to practice some tactical games.

Paintball at the maximum level!

Our trainers participated in the Paintball Federation of this country. All the equipment is fully regulated by them.

The intro last 20 min, is an important communication time to apply after to a good tactic and lines of attack in front of the adversary.

Following the games that we write this paintball is a little more challenger and require you attention and plenty confidence and dedication.

War, complicity, none intimidates battles and clear rules for your day!

After, at the zone, you can take more balls depending in your day organization and attack.
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