Full package Paintball in Horsham

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Horsham (West Sussex)
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Description of Full package Paintball in Horsham

Enjoy the best games zones of the entire south of UK. Come a live your life with color. Our full paintball package is an excellent way to have fun and spend a day out.

Enjoy the summer days with us. Have a memorable weekend with many friends as you can come with. If you come with 10 people you will get a free place! Let your passion and your adventure spirit lead that day. We are used to organize events too. So don´t be shy.

Our locations have excellent obstacles to make it more interesting. Explore a rural day in our combat zones. Have private lessons and group challenges.

It could be a great reason to shoot your friends easily and remember that funny day for the rest of your life.

PaintballPaintball West SussexPaintball Horsham

What does the activity include
This full price is including:

-The entry to all of our location
-Full equipment
-100 chances to shoot (100 balls)
-Tea and coffe
How long the activity lasts

Fo the entire day you can enjoy a full time paintball activity. From 9:00 to 16:00 our team will give you the freedom to choose your the best hour depended of your preferences.


When your activity starts and finishes

From 9:oo to 16:00. All day to enjoy the locations and the activities that we have in our paintball zones.

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Basic information

1 - 100 people
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at (0) 845 8693 376!


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For anyone that wants a unique event, hear us out for a second. Do you want to play a game that includes tactics, strategy, and teamwork?

Because if the answer is yes, we have the perfect event all planned for you already. We are a group of paintball enthusiasts that host memorable events in London.

This event will consist of a two-hour game of paintball where you will get to create teams between your friends and design war-like strategies to win.

You will feel a rush of adrenaline while playing this game, whether you are hiding from your opponent or when you are aiming at your target because you never know when the paint is going to splash.

Our paintball facilities are set like a war environment with several strategic places for hiding and targeting.

We have all the equipment ready for the great event. We are just missing our soldiers to play a game of paintball in London.
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Glasgow is known for its delicious food and beautiful architecture. However, it should be known for having the best terrain to play an intense and thrilling paintball game.

That's why you and your friends can't miss this experience! Our friendly staff will guide you through the field, explain the game's rules and the safety measures you need to take into consideration when playing paintball. After this is over, you and your team are on your own.

It's game time! You will hide, shoot your friends, get shot, and most importantly, you will have a memorable time. Your team will have to design a winning strategy that will allow you to brag to the looser team weeks after the paintball game is over.

Our staff has the armor and the weapons ready for you and your friends to settle everything on the battlefield. So come and challenge yourself and your friends to a game of paintball in Glasgow!
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You are hiding behind a wooden obstacle in a broad field, not knowing if you are the only one left on your team. However, you still have it in you to defend your team's name, so you get out of hiding and start aiming at your opponents, and then you shoot. Suddenly there is color all over the field, and your opponent is out of the game, and you successfully managed to make your team the ultimate champions.

This feeling is the thrill of playing a paintball game. We want you and your friends to experience this excitement in our paintball fields in Glasgow.

Paintball is the perfect activity that makes a unique event like birthdays, hen and stag events, team building, and corporate events full of memories and good times.

We have everything ready for your grand event to take place we are missing our brave players that want to have a good time and play the best game of paintball in Glasgow.
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This is a shout-out to anyone looking to do a different activity in Exeter with friends or family.

We are talking about a unique experience filled with unlimited adrenaline. This experience is summed up in a fun paintball game in our facilities.We are a staff of paintball lovers based in Exeter, and this paintball game is like no other.

Paintball is more than just an entertaining game. It's all about tactics, strategy, and building a solid bond between your teammates. Through the game, you will get to undergo a level of fun like no other; trust us, all our clients come back for another paintball round because once you play this game, you will not stop.

Our staff will give you 300 paintballs, so you have 300 opportunities to target your opponent and make your team the winning one. We will also provide you with the proper clothing that will keep you protected during the game. Like you can see, we have everything ready for your game.

Come with your friends and experience a unique game of paintball in Exeter.
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We have a saying that goes the following way, "When in doubt paintball." This saying is perfect for anyone tired of doing the same activities all the time, that's why we paintball!

We are a group of paintball fanatics based in the beautiful Exeter. We have a tempting offer for you, your friends, and your family members.

Our offer consists of a two-hour game of paintball in our facility with 500 paintballs included. Paintball is a game that has it all, from the entertaining part to the strategic part. It's a game that will help build your leadership and team-building skills, all while having an amazing time and creating memories.

Our fields are ready, our staff is ready, and your equipment for the match is ready! We are just missing you and your team to experience a fantastic game of paintball in Exeter.
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Your time has arrived to experience the beauty of what a game of paintball truly is.

We are a team of paintball fans based in Bristol. And we have an incredible suggestion for you and your friends to add a fantastic event for your day.

Our offer consists of a two-hour paintball game where you will have the opportunity to aim at your target opponents 300 times.

The way we make this game work is the following, you arrive at our facility in Bristol, and you dived yourselves into teams. From there on, your team is everything you protect your team till the end in order to win the game. With your team, you will design unique strategies and tactics to help you on our paintball field. The best team will get bragging rights for winning the game.

Our staff will give you instructions for the game and a safety briefing because we want you to have an enjoyable time, but your safety comes first.

We have everything set up for you and your friends to enjoy a match of paintball in Bristol.
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Gather your friends or family members and have an incredible day playing a game of paintball in Bristol.

We are a paintball facility with our paintball fields in Bristol. We enjoy an excellent paintball game profoundly, and we know you will as well.

That's why we are offering two hours of entertainment, where you will have 500 paintballs to shoot your friends that for those hours will become your enemies.

Paintball has it all, the fun, the adrenaline, the team building, and the thrill of the game.

So are you going to pass on this amazing and unique offer? Because our team has everything ready to go as soon as you step a foot in our fields. Our pieces of equipment will keep you protected during the game so that the only thing that is on your mind is having fun while practicing this fantastic sport.

So what are you waiting for? Your perfect activity is just one book away! Play a game of paintball in Bristol; you will not regret it!
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Nottingham is known for the city where the legendary character of Robin Hood was created, but it should be known for having the best paintball fields in the UK.

We say this with a lot of pride, we have the finest fields where you can enjoy an unforgettable paintball game. Our staff is composed of paintball enthusiasts that love hosting incredible paintball games.

Our offer is very tempting for anyone that enjoys and is looking for some adrenaline.

When you get to our facility in Nottingham, we will provide you with the equipment needed to play this game, from helmets to our protective garments, and of course, your paintball weapon that will be charged with 300 paintball bullets. After we've provided you with the tools, we will give you the rules for the game, and then we will go over the safety measures you need to follow when playing this game cautiously. And finally, you will go out with your unit to confront the other team for a battle that will last two hours.

Are you ready for a memorable time? If you are, come paintball in Nottingham.
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