Subaru Rally Experience Half Day Course Chippenham

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Chippenham (Wiltshire)
I like that car SLIDE DUST SPEED

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Description of Subaru Rally Experience Half Day Course Chippenham

Come out for a half day behind the wheel at Subaru Rally Experience! You will receive a safety brief before taking to the driving seat and as the course progresses you will become more familiar with rally driving techniques and car control. Your instructor will introduce the handbrake turn, allowing you to take very tight corners known as hairpin bends. Once your confidence builds you will be encouraged to drive the car close to competition speed, you will also take on your fellow drivers in a special test, to show that you have understood what you have learnt. Could YOU be "DRIVER OF THE DAY"?

Spectators are more than welcome, and will have the opportunity to take a passenger ride if they wish.

Rally DrivingRally Driving WiltshireRally Driving Chippenham

What does the activity include
  • Helmet with inbuilt intercom
  • Comprehensive training with an experienced instructor
  • High speed passenger ride
How long the activity lasts
The half day course is a 3 hour experience starting at 9.30am or 1pm.

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1 - 1 people
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