Segway Experience in Tatton Park

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Description of Segway Experience in Tatton Park

Want to enjoy the wonders of a park without having to walk for hours? Then come ride a segway and visit the entire park without having to walk! Bring your loved ones to this amazing adventure and you will never regret it. 

The activity consists in riding a segway through Tatton Park for approximately 60 minutes. After getting to the location you will be provided with the necessary instructions to ride the segway. If you want your pictures taken we can also help you with that, for you to always remember this amazing experience. 

Once you are ready to go, we will instruct you on where you should ride just not to disturb others walking through the park. You will most likely have a path that we will show you. If you haven't been to this park you will be impacted of how magical it is. Once the activity is finished we will instruct you to meet us at a specific meeting point. 

Please remember to be careful, the segways are not a toy. You need to use it with caution and always look al both sides just in case there is someone near you. 

Take into consideration that you in order to ride the segway your weight can't be higher than 117kg (18.4 stone)

Come prepared to live this magical adventure and feel that adrenaline while you ride the segway! 

SegwaySegway Cheshire

What does the activity include
  • Segway 
  • Instructions to ride it 
  • Safety Gear
How long the activity lasts
The duration of this activity is 60 minutes from the moment you start riding.
When your activity starts and finishes
After booking your activity you must select the date and time you want to do the activity by contacting the company. Please remember that prices vary depending if it's weekday or weekend.

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1 - 20 people
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Top Events GB offers you the opportunity to give one of the latest, strangest and futuristic gadgets (a segway) at our beautiful location in the East Herts countryside.

To work these machines all you need to stand on it and off you go! They are environmentally friendly and loads of fun!

After practicing on our obstacle course you will then be taken on a tour of the Westmill, supervised by one of our staff who will give you instruction along the way, or you may also chose to follow the course to perfect your maneuvering skill.
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What are you doing sitting down on the sofa all the weekend? Come along and try our fantastic segways, vehicles from the future that are easy to handle and will make you live a whole adventure. Everyone loves them: kids, adults and oldies. You just need to be over 10 to try them.

Segways move very quickly but don't be scared: our instructors will teach you how to manage them. The moment you learn how to move the controls, you will realise it's very easy. You just have to move forward and lean back, as simple as that.

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Come out and try a segway on our 250 acres of land. Segways are fantastic and exciting vehicles that you simply just hop on and go! This is a splendid activity for a unique day out or a special event that participants won´t forget.

Children, adults... Everyone enjoys the Segways in Yorkshire. The two wheels of this futuristic machine will make you move fast but you will be in control of it all the time. The moment you learn how to move forward and lean back, you will realise how easy it is.

Our tour lasts 1 hour, with 10 minutes of training and 50 minutes of trek. Each session starts with an introduction brief to the segway, so all the group becomes familiar with it and its controls.

Please note that the minimum age for this activity is 10. Send us a request for more information and get ready for an unforgettable experience full of excitement!
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Are you ready to ride without stopping? Then come enjoy a nice breeze in a very nice park. You'll be provided with the best quality experience Segway ever. We are not the common touristic attraction that you see everywhere, we are actual professionals. We want you to have the best time you could ever have. 

For this activity you will be trained by experienced professionals that know everything about Segways, from how to fix them to how to perfectly ride them. Try to arrive early to the site in order to get the complete explanation of what you need to know. The instructor will provide everyone with safety tips on how to prevent accidents. 

Once everyone has understood the instructions, then the trip will begin. You will be provided with the path that you can follow, and also the instructor will tell you some places that are not recommended. 

Once you finish the entire path, you must come back to the meeting place in order to return the Segway. 

To ride the Segway you must weight under 117kg (18.4 stone).

We hope to see you soon!
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Are you a fan of exploring new parks? Then you should come to this one for sure! Mote Park has been featured as one of the most incredible park in Kent. It was named in several awards because of its incredible magic. This park has many things to see, including the historical Mote House. The best part of this is that you'll be able to explore the entire park riding an incredible modern Segway. 

Segways have become a trend, if you never have ridden them then you are old fashioned for sure. Come ride this amazing machine, and what a better way to ride it than in the woods where you won't have to worry about people walking and obstructing your path. 

Once you arrive to this amazing park, you will be instructed on how to ride the Segway. The instructor will touch some main points and will teach you how to turn it on and off. Aside from that the instructor should give you all the necessary safety gear for you to wear while riding. 

After receiving all the brief, you will start your journey. The trip will last approximately 60 minutes. You will go in groups at the assign hour you chose and you will have to always try to stick to your group in order to not get lost. 

We request that after finishing the trip you all come to the meeting place to return the gear and the machine. Please remember to come back in time in order for us to have time to set everything up for the next group. 

To ride a Segway you must weight under 117kg (18.4 stone).

Mote park awaits you!
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Are you ready to feel like in the 18th century? Then you must come to this site! This incredible experience gives you the best of both worlds. To make the adventure even better you will be riding one of our most modern Segways. Riding the Segway will make the experience much better since you will be in a futuristic machine while watching the wonders of the past century. 

Once you come to the meeting location you will have to find the meeting spot to begin listening to the safety instructions. The instructor will also explain all detailed and practical instruction on how to ride, where to go, and what routes to follow. 

You will be given helmets and other safety tools. You will also ride with other people at the same time in order to make the activity more fun and dynamic. 

Once you finish the activity you must return to the assigned location, there you will have to return everything that was given to you when the activity started. 

In order to ride the Segway to have to weight 117kg (18.4 stone) or less. 

Kings Weston is waiting for you!
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It's time for you, your friends, or your family to experience our segway challenge in Thirsk, Yorkshire. You read that correctly; a segway challenge.

We are a group of extreme sports enthusiasts that have a passion for hosting events where you get to practice these sports. And you can be sure that in our vast venue, we have included the opportunity to ride a segway in our Segway Rally track

Segways are the new trendy machines of the moment. Their peculiar shape and speed are what make the segway a particular device. When you are riding one of our segways, you get to control everything the road and the speed are all up to you. This is your adventure!

Our segway tour is perfect for any type of event. It makes for a unique birthday, hen and stag party and corporate event. And trust us it will be memorable.

So come ride the segway through our roads in Thirsk!
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