2 Hour Surf lessons Tyne and Wear

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Tynemouth (Tyne and Wear)
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Description of 2 Hour Surf lessons Tyne and Wear

Our brilliant surf lessons at Longsand Surf School are fun and a great way to build skills! Each lesson consists of the following:

• Introduction
• Equipment issue & getting into your wetsuit (which is a lesson in itself at first)
• Beach & water safety
• Description of board and leash
• Beach demonstration of surfing and correct entry into the sea
• Warm up followed by entry into the sea
• Catching a wave and correct prone position on board (lying down)
• Water confidence building
• Correction and praise

Our class starts off by heading into the water and feeling the thrills of the other. After having felt the beauty of a breaking wave, we all head to the shore for some skill training. Once these skills have been mastered, we head back out to the water and caught the waves, putting your new skills into action!

SurfingSurfing Tyne and WearSurfing Tynemouth

What does the activity include
  • Surfboard Hire
  • Wetsuit Hire
  • Boots and glove hire (if needed)
How long the activity lasts
The Lesson normally lasts 2.5hrs:
  • 0.5hrs getiing in and out of yor wetsuit
  • 20 mins instruction on the beach
  • The rest of the time in the water
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Greeting from Amble, Northumberland!

This message is directed to anyone that has a passion or curiosity for surfing. Let us introduce ourselves; we are a group of qualified and skilled surf instructors. We know about this passion/interest you feel for surfing because we live it every day. So we decided to share our love and to teach everything we know about surfing.

We know all about the waters that surround Amble, so we have decided to make you choose on which beach you want to meet and tests the waters. Some of these beaches include Bamburgh and Cresswell.

Before we ride the waves, our instructors will talk to you and the group for twenty minutes about the safety guidelines regarding this sport.

We will provide you with the necessary equipment, including a fitted wetsuit and, of course, the surfboard! However, you should bring your swimsuit, towel and we highly recommend you to bring a bottle of water and a packed lunch.

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Why keep it in their imagination and not make it a reality? We have a spot in our school for your kid to live his dream. We are a school of trained professional surfers based in Amble, Northumberland.

We want to teach your kid the beauty of this sport and to highlight the importance of discipline that comes along with it.

The safety of your kid is our top priority. That's why we have classified the Amble water lands accordingly. You will get to choose which beach you want your kid to start the beautiful journey of surfing.

This is also a perfect opportunity for your kid to get meet other kids that share this passion and have a crazy amount of fun. Amazing friendships can come from this sport.

Before the lesson begins, we will give your kid and the others a safety briefing for them to understand that you can have fun but with some rules.

We have all the equipment needed to start their journey, including the surfboard and the wetsuit. Your kid should bring their swimsuits, towels, a bottle of water and some snacks.

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Before the lessons begin, we will have a small talk involving the safety guidelines we need to consider when surfing in Amble. After the briefing, the fun part will begin!

We will provide you with the necessary equipment to perform this thrilling sport, including a fitted wetsuit and a surfboard. We always recommend our surfers to bring their towels, swimsuits, a water bottle, and a snack to enjoy once the lesson is over.

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Stop routine surf. Try the inflatable surf Experience.

The waves of Sandend or Lossiemouth receive many boggies full of adventurous people anxious for catch some babys at the sea. It is like a tribute or the influence of Duke Kahanamoku but also having the option to choose sceneries like Cullen beach too.

2 types of board. No collapse groups. Surfing etiquette. Humorous staff and more…

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Riding the waves in Amble, Northumberland is unlike anything else. We provide you with the opportunity to explore this sensation through our personalized surfing lessons, done by our certified surfing teachers.

Regardless of your surf level, these lessons will focus on you and your surfing skills. So if you have experience surfing, join us to share our journey as surfers and enjoy the waves together. If you are a beginner, these lessons are perfect for you because we will focus on your capabilities and skills.

Before we start the classes, we'll have a quick discussion about the safety precautions to take while surfing in Amble. Following the briefing, the fun begins!

We will provide you with all of the required equipment, including a fitted wetsuit and a surfboard, to participate in this exciting sport. Our surfers should always bring their towels, swimsuits, a water bottle, and a snack to enjoy after the class.

What are you waiting for? Come surf in Amble with us!
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