Virtual Windsurf Coaching in Dorset

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Poole (Dorset)
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Description of Virtual Windsurf Coaching in Dorset

You supply video footage of your windsurfing efforts, whether it be carve gybe attempts, basic tacks & gybes or your very first few goes out on a windsurf board. We can then analyse what you are doing wrong and give you a step by step plan of action to correct it.

WindsurfingWindsurfing DorsetWindsurfing Poole

What does the activity include
  • Experienced and professional advice to help you move past any trick or module you are stuck on.
How long the activity lasts
You receive detailed coaching notes with a plan of action that you can follow in your own time

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1 - 1 people
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Are you looking for something for your kids to do this summer holidays? Then look no further than Harbour Challenge's High Adventure Holiday Club! With great activities for you to do like:
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It is a windsurf bit. This is a state of mind where the wind is a cause, a principal factor, to be happy the entire day. It is indisputably a win-win course.

Even when we know that the “pro” surfers play with new Wetsuits and wind conditions  as they want, we also know that every first step need a hand to that performance of the sail.

It is for professionals who are really perfectionist or just for new people who just incorporate their love to surf to their life. The impact of the feeling of freedom is enormous.

The vertical position and the shoulders pose have to be the centre of your trip. Combined techniques. We have to influence the board as our balance to mix it with the direction of wind.

Sheeting in correctly!
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If you take seriously the era of surf so welcome home little adventurous.

We work with excellence, with RYA certifications. Our way to do windsurfing is a rare procedure but an efficient strategy: take moderns vessels and boards and “blend it” with old advices and the traditional passion to create new entertainment way to windsurfing.

This course is looking for passionate people who like to invest time at the board and want to clear the mind about wind transitions and learn about falling time. We are in Poole Harbour base. 

It is a little bit more professional opportunity. Bring your patience, the best aptitude, vision through the “storm” and a proactive mood.
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Help the transition of every child stage or period into a bag full of entertainment and comprehension that we provided to them.

This kind of sports helps them to create a routine of discipline and to be motivated by something that can accompany perfectly the school time. It produces a kind of catapult to successful. If you feel the force against the sail or your direction change don’t worry welcome to windsurfing.

The little members of the society will be in good hands to they totally enjoy the experience. We don’t follow boring tendencies, we plan new familiar sessions to celebrate the wind together.

Entertainment and fun together
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If you haven't tried windsurfing before but want to dive into it or if you want to refresh your windsurfing skills we are a 100% sure you are at the right place.

This package was created for all those who are complete beginners and for those that had experienced windsurfing before but want to improve abilities and confidence with this sport. You will be having your windsurfing adventures at Hove Lagoon, Brighton, an ideal place for you to enjoy while you windsurf. Age 14+ is required to book this lesson.

You will learn how to stand and balance on a board, how to use the equipment and how to move around while you're windsurfing. The sessions are 2 x half days, including your instructor who will provide 2 clinic sessions and safety instructions.

Your equipment will be included, facilities and a great environment as well. We guarantee you that by the end of your training you will be able to windsurf like a pro, and if you reach a really good level on ability, you will receive a certificate.
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Windsurfing is the right thing to do if you want an extreme adventure, and you can have everything you want with us!

This package is perfect for you if you want to immerse yourself in windsurfing. It has a duration of 4 hours and you will learn how to use and set up your equipment, how to manage your board and some basic windsurfing techniques. We usually go for our windsurfing sessions to Hove Lagoon located in East Sussex.

During your lesson, our certified instructor will guide you and will ensure you are enjoying your windsurfing lesson. You are welcome to come with your loved ones or by yourself if you prefer. This package is suitable for 14+ and above. Equipment and facilities are included. We promise you will love to train with us.

We are a 100% sure that after you take this windsurfing course you will be able to do it by yourself and to enjoy this sport like a master.
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A private windsurfing lesson is ideal if you want your very personalized windsurfing experience.

This package is an hour long, perfect for the ones who want to refresh their skills and for beginners. You will be receiving this lesson with a certified instructor, meaning he/she will provide all the neccesary knowledge for you to gain some confidence. Hove Lagoon is the best place in Brighton for windsurfing, so you will be delighted by it.

During the session you will be guided according to your desired and preferences, you are the one leading the class since it will be tailored according to you. You can come by yourself or with a group friends and family (4 people maximum), regardless of their age and skills.

Equipment is included, excitement and extreme adventure too!

Come and book with us now!
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