Walk with Alpacas in Derbyshire for 1h:30

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Derby (Derbyshire)
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Description of Walk with Alpacas in Derbyshire for 1h:30

Get ready to read about the most incredible zoo in the UK. We are talking about a zoo full of the cutest animal in the world, alpacas.

Our alpaca zoo is one of the top attractions here in the beautiful city of Derby. What makes our zoo so incredible and unique is that you get to walk around our tracks, and walking right beside you is your designated alpaca for the day.

During this walk, you will get to feed the alpacas, observe them in their natural habitat, and, most importantly, you will get to create a bond with your alpaca. You will get to see how beautiful, loyal, and funny alpacas are. You can also take funny selfies or cute pictures with our alpacas to record your memories of this incredible experience.

So are you ready to book this fantastic journey with our beautiful alpacas? Because we are all waiting for you with a big smile on our faces. Come walk with alpacas in Derby!

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  • aplaca experts
  • gift shop
How long the activity lasts
This unique walking experience with the alpacas will last for one hour and thirty minutes 

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1 - 30 people
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