Zorbing Experience in Staffordshire for 1h

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Rushton Spencer (Staffordshire)
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Description of Zorbing Experience in Staffordshire for 1h

Roll, roll like there is no tomorrow, all while enjoying a fun time zorbing around the water with your friends. You are going to experience what it's like to be inside a washing machine!

We want to introduce ourselves as your personal adventure providers. We cater several fun activities here in Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire. And if we are talking fun, we are talking zorbing. Since zorbing is such a great activity, we've created a space for it in our fields. So you will get to experience the ups and downs of the hills at a crazy speed. Don't worry about your safety, our equipment was built to protect you during your zorbing experience.

Zorbing is all about living in the moment, rolling away with your friends. You can either opt for being in the sphere by yourself or with up to three people. You can tailor your zorbing adventure to your liking. We strongly recommend a zorbing race to boost the competitive spirit and the so desired adrenaline.

So get into our spheres and roll away in our fields at Staffordshire. Your zorbing experience awaits!

ZorbingZorbing Staffordshire

What does the activity include
  • safety equipment
  • one hour zorbing
How long the activity lasts
Your zorbing experience up and dow our hills at Staffordshire will last for one hour 

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1 - 3 people
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