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Description of Scuba in the Weald

Do you imagine a sport-school that at the same time is running by a complete family? We cannot imagine a warmer place (Even when we plan Scuba sessions – not as cool as you think).

Every close and open space introduces the best PADI classes to the people above 10 years old. East Sussex is a plenty area surrounded by many sports companies. We believe in the Well-done things.

Learn at the private pool, in our classroom, at the lake or at the cove.

At the Scuba room the new divers discover the theory part relaxed and feeling motivating by the decoration. This room has a direct-ahead connection with the private pool. There The clients can found Scuba reviews and training professional sessions.

Enjoy Deep and drift multilevel, Scuba Master, trips and practices.

Every lesson follows the PADI standards. We are very rigorous with that thing. The international rules were created to guide the people like us that effort day by day to keep that legacy. The in-house instructors welcome 2-4 people per class. Add this to our positive points list.

The Lake is really close. 8.5 meters of depth create the natural training environment for the divers. The Stoney Cove also is a terrain a little bit qualified for proficiency sport people. From 6 to 36 meters of depth… Now you know why is it marvelous and eye-catching, right?

Live a new adventure.

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