Stonerig Raceway

Unit 2 Milking Green Hartshead Street Lees OL4 5EE Manchester (Greater Manchester)
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Description of Stonerig Raceway

Welcome to Stonerig Raceway and have the greatest driving experience in a replica F1 car! Our idea is to give you the driving experience simulation, but with the same thrilling sensation! You will be seated in a cockpit of a car and will be surrounded by three screens to give you the real deal. Accompanied by multi-functions and of course, a steering wheel. Some of the functions are, DRS, KERS, BIAS´ breaks and a lot of other stuff related to F1 driving experience. 

We provide a variety of simulation options and prices. Also, you can even rise your package with other features to a greater challenge! Like, A steering wheel like for a professional, top-quality force and control that gives you accurate and precise control of the wheel, even an incredible and modern surround system for powerful acoustics. These and more will amplify greatly all your experience! 

Our Packages: 

  • The Challenger: It consists of 30 minutes racing experience. 
  • The Ultimate Challenger: 30 minutes racing experience, plus 1-hour of the Scalextric racing tracks. 

*Both packages include food, drinks and a group photo. 

Reach Stonerig Raceway for further information and details. 



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