Archery in hampshire?

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Rookie (Hampshire)
 Sent by Phil Powell the  29 February 12 at 01:11
Hello, I haven't picked up a bow since the 70's - I would like to get back into it soon - does anyone know if there is an archery club within easy distance of Aldershot in Hampshire?

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Backpacker (Greater London)
 Sent by Yumping Uk
Excellent, do enjoy! What is it that makes you love archery so much? I love it but I must say I don´t get out enough :-(

Rookie (Hampshire)
 Sent by Phil Powell
Thanks and hi - found one in Guildford not far from here!

Backpacker (Greater London)
 Sent by Yumping Uk
I´m so sorry, my geography of the area is that great but here are the companies/clubs that offer archery in Hampshire:
Have a quick look through their descriptions to find out what exactly they can offer you. Many offer instruction and I´m sure many also have a club too.
Best of luck!

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