Norfolk Club Hang Gliding

Norfolk Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club NR19 2JA Dereham (Norfolk)
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Description of Norfolk Club Hang Gliding

Here in Norfolk Club, you will be able to enjoy an amazing experience called Hang Gliding. Such a wonderful opportunity to come and spend a fun day with your friends and family, doing this adventure sport that will make you feel like a bird, just flying over the place, and touching the blue sky. The wind will make you feel free and have a sensation of relaxing. Just fly and chill, feel the breeze of the air, be happy.

Hanging on the harness suspended on the airframe, you will have to use your whole body to control your movements, just by moving your body, you will get the chance to go wherever you want. Feel the wind on your face, this is a fantastic opportunity to have a day off, a day full of adventure and adrenaline. Hang Gliding is one of the most known adventure air sport around the world, everybody has dreamed of flying in the sky, like an eagle, so this is your chance and you will not want to miss it.

Join us on this awesome adventure and fly to the horizon where you have the control over your movements. An amazing experience you won't be sorry for. Just come and let us make you fly. Are you game?


Hang Gliding Dereham

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