Jet Skiing in Colwyn Bay

Jet Skiing in Colwyn Bay

Jet Ski Rental in Colwyn Bay: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various jet ski centres in Colwyn Bay. Jet Skiing in Colwyn Bay is the perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, and original gifts.

Jet Skiing companies in Colwyn Bay

Colwyn Jetski Club
Company Colwyn Bay (Conwy)

Welcome to Colwyn Jetski Club and give yourself some RYA Personal training! At our central in Colwyn Bay, we tailor a very professional Proficiency Course. This tuition consists, in a fun way, of how to manage in the best way your ski. This course is prepared and designed for first-timers and tasters. So, don´t be nervous! We assure you that this is for you. The sessions are provided in One to One style, ideal for the student to gain confidence, strength and learn faster. The price of the course includes lunch and refreshments. At the end of it, if passed, you will receive an RYA Certification.  The groups for the sessions can be up to six persons - which will practice techniques like launch and recovery and much more. Unfortunately, we are weather dependent, that means it can´t give the course on the weekend, do not worry, you´ll be notified beforehand.  Also, if you are already a professional on Jetskiing, join our Member Club! We promise they are priorities and advantages just for you. *We do not hire Jetskis.* Would like to have a ride? Contact Colwyn Jetski Club and bring all your family to have an awesome day! (Jet Ski Colwyn Bay)

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