Kayaking in Staffordshire

Kayaking in Staffordshire

Kayaking in Staffordshire: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various kayaking centres in Staffordshire. Kayaking courses in Staffordshire are the perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, and original gifts.

Kayaking companies in Staffordshire

Chasewater Outdoor Education Centre
Company Burntwood (Staffordshire)

Include kayaking in your outdoor adventure curriculum and provide the opportunity to get a lesson or two out on the water in the great outdoors. At Chasewater Outdoor Education Centre Kayaking, kayaking is one of the marvelous activities that they offer for students of all ages and... (Kayaking Staffordshire)

Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre
Company Stanley (Staffordshire)

Welcome to Stanley Head Outdoor Activity Centre Kayaking! Kayaking is a fabulous water sport that has been around for ages, being traditionally an Inuit form of water transportation. Normally individual boats, you are armed with a paddle and off you go! You can explore oodles of places that any... (Kayaking Staffordshire)

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Company in Stanley
David · Hi, I'm returning to kayak paddling after a long absence and wondered if you had a course that I could attend to cover an introduction to white-water
Company in Stanley
Simon · Hi, Just after a little bit of information about kayaking. Only done it once but want to grab my own kayak and get going. I am very confident in
Company in Burntwood
Janet · Hi I have never done anything like this before but went to watch my brother in law doing a quadathlon and was very much tempted to try kayaking. C