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Benacre Road NR34 7XD Ellough (Suffolk)
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Description of Ellough Park Combat Games

Laser tag has gone from a game played by children in an indoor, smokey maze, to an excellent outdoor alternative to paintball and airsoft. At Ellough Park Combat Games, there is a wide variety of games that you can play to suit any situation or need. Some of the games are;

Ellough Park Combat Games has many more game situations to play, such as The VIP, Flush Out, Escape & Evasion and more, so you will never be bored.  With a great venue to play in, you and your friends or work mates will have will have a great day playing this great game. Also available for childrens birthdays as well.

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Welcome to Ellough Park Combat Games

We are a laser tag company located in suffolk. We have a great battle zone that conists of realistic scenarious that reflect an urban battlefield. Laser tage is an awesome activity for both adults and children and is also good for speical occasions!

Our laser tag sessions typically offer many different games and scenarios such as:

  • Total Elimination – A new way of playing capture the flag. You must get the enemy's nuclear bomb code before they get yours, so that you can wipe them out completely.
  • Medi Vac – You may be able to return to the game to fight again if you are "killed".
  • Last Man Standing –  A good old fashioned team contest. The game ends either when there is only one man left, or the time runs out. Whichever team has more men standing at the end of the game wins.

These scenarios and others serve to keep the competition new and interesting by shifting the tactics and objectives. They also encourage participants to work together, and so are great for team building events.

We offer packages for special occasions like Stag and Hen parties, Teambuilding and other corporate events, and birthday parties. We can also offer bespoke events that offer 2 hours playing a variety of scenarios.

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