Orienteering in Isle of Wight

Orienteering in Isle of Wight

Orienteering in Isle of Wight: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in UK orienteering clubs in Isle of Wight. Orienteering in Isle of Wight is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.

Orienteering companies in Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Adventure Activities
Company Freshwater (Isle of Wight)

At Isle of Wight Activity Adventure Centre there are two different levels of orienteering courses that you go do, depending on your groups skills and experience. Navigate around Mottistone Down, with the Neolithic Longstone. As a supported walk, this is a great activity for young children and... (Orienteering Courses Isle of Wight)

Kingswood Isle of Wight
Company Bembridge (Isle of Wight)

If you think that the skills learnt during orienteering activities are becoming increasingly irrelevent in this day and age of GPS, iPhones and their ilk, think again! Navigational skills are still very important to have, and orienteering can help to develop and enhance a students ability with these skills. Turn the orienteering course into a partner race, with small groups of two competing together to be the first to the end, or use it as an opportunity to increase communication skills by having large groups helping each other. With it’s great campus feel, all weather activity zone and with over 100 acres of land at it’s disposal, Kingswood Isle of Wight is definitely a great choice for your school’s next overnight trip. If you would like some more information, contact them today and see how they can help you. *Please note that Kingswood caters for school groups only* (Orienteering Courses Isle of Wight)

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