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Warren barn Farm, Slines Oak Road CR3 7HN Woldingham (Surrey)
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Green Dragons Paragliding


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Description of Green Dragons Paragliding

Welcome to Green Dragons Paragliding!

What is paragliding?

Allow yourself to be launched into the air and carried by the wind with help from a canopy. This is paragliding! As the name suggests, you will experience gliding through the air before landing safely back down. *To take these tuitions you must be 14 years old and up*

Is paragliding safe?

We only operate if the conditions are just right. The most important pre-requisites are:

  • Pilot attitude
  • Competent instruction
  • Safe equipment

We accomplish all 3 and assume all responsibility for your safety.

Who can fly?

You can start training from 14 years old and there is no upper age limit. It is a fairly accessible sport.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Green Dragons Paragliding to start your training today. We have:

  • Tandem paragliding
  • Fun Days
  • Elementary pilot training
  • Club pilot training

But, what can you do with this air sport? if your passion is to feel just like a bird and sightsee form a new angle, with paragliding we guarantee that and more! Experience the feeling of freedom whilst going through fluffy clouds, navigating across the country and the sky.

We look forward to welcoming you soon! Contact Green Dragons Paragliding for further information. 

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Andy Freex
10 Very good
Reviewed the 06/17/12

I can see the person printed before me a stuipd reveiew, forsure so close to London we do not have big hills but to have expert and fantastic value for money on your door step,, i have completed all my CLUB PILOT tasks at Woldingham0GD HQ and can see for sure the Staff at Green Dragons have to work and do work very hard for us all. Normally when someone disses a company you should think ' why?' a lot of the time when you see such dedicated proffessional that are the longest establish school and business in the industry still teaching after 30 years, in a very difficult business,' hats off respect!', i qualified at Woldingham along with all my mates and now we are off on a Green Dragons Thermal Chasers course across Europe,,,,, so from London Bridge, to Woldingham and now Mt Blanc, Thank you Team Green Dragons you are unique! have fun everyone see you at Green Dragons sooooon:)

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