Paragliding in Powburn

Paragliding in Powburn

Paragliding in Powburn: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in paraglide clubs in Powburn and paragliding schools. Tandem paragliding lessons in Powburn are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.

Paragliding companies in Powburn

Northumbria Airsports
Company Powburn (Northumberland)

Welcome to Northumbria Airsports Paragliding! Paragliding is a unique and brilliant way to experience the thrills of flying. There´s nothing like reaching the clouds and soaring with the birds! It´s a completely unique and adrenaline-filled activity. The complete day includes some notes to take it to home and have a real-life dual knowledge about paragliding.  They offer brilliant tuition and training to make your day successful and filled with adventure. Start off with a taster session to see how you like it or sign up for BPHA training and become a certified paraglider! It´s sure to become a lifelong obsession! Freeman is a specialized coach that think about the idea to spread their passion to the others. That´s why he guides the centre. For more of 11 years of experience. His instruction provides smart ideas and mature tuition to succeed in this world.  The BHPA allow us to keep doing this with a certificate and the best and funny mastermind like Freeman.  Drop them a line today at Northumbria Airsports Paragliding if you´re interested in flying high! We look forward to soaring the skies you with! (Tandem Paragliding Powburn)

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Tracy · Hi I am looking for any information 're a tandem paragliding flight for my 16 year old son. This is something he would love to try and would be a fant