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Quad biking West Midlands: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in quad bike hire in West Midlands and quad biking centres in West Midlands. Quad biking experience in West Midlands is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.

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    Monnow Events Quads
    Quads Kentchurch (Herefordshire)

    There is something that is so fun about driving a quad, that you will never want to stop. Monnow Events has great quad treks available for quad riders of all different ages and skill levels, so everyone will be able to join in! Stunning views and great countryside make this a great... (Quad Biking West Midlands)

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    The Edge Adventure Activities Quads
    Quads Much Wenlock (Shropshire)

    Quad Biking is extremely fun, and The Edge Adventure Activity Centre has two sites that you can do this awesome activity at, Munch Wenlock and Bridgnorth. With the minimum age you need to ride the quads being 8, Quad Bike riding at The Edge Adventure Activity Centre is ideal for the whole family... (Quad Bikes West Midlands)

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    Hoverdays Quads
    Quads Oswestry (Shropshire)

    Although this is not technically Quad driving, it is just as (even maybe more so) fun as quad riding.  Hovercrafts is the main activity that Hoverdays do, and it is great fun. Being out on the river, and then on land, all with the same vehicle - a hovercraft- is an experience that you have... (Quad Biking West Midlands)

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    Ashcroft Park Quads
    Quads Uttoxeter (Staffordshire)

    Quads are really fun to ride, and Ashcroft Park have quads that are suitable for children aged six years to eleven years to ride, quads that are suitable for twelve year olds to fifteen year olds to ride, as well as quads that anyone from 16 year up can ride. Have a go on the specially built... (Quad Bike West Midlands)

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    Kingswood Staffordshire Quads
    Quads Wolverhampton (West Midlands)

    Quad Biking is a fun and exciting activity offered at Kingswood Staffordshire Activity Centre.  With the instructors on hand, students learn some basic riding skills, before going around a purpose built track. All safety equipment needed is given to the children, and they are watched at all... (Quad Bike Hire West Midlands)

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    March Hare Leisure Quads
    Quads Worcester (Worcestershire)

    One of the many experiences that you can have arranged for you at March Hare Leisure is for you to go quad riding with your friends. Using the 4x4 off road track that was specially designed for this kind of thing, you and your friends can have great fun together riding on quads. If you would rather... (Quads West Midlands)

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    Splatforce Entertainments Quads
    Quads Coventry (West Midlands)

    Our quad biking experience at Splatforce Entertainments Quad Biking is a fantastically easy and adrenaline-filled experience suitable for both new comers to quad biking and the more experienced drivers. We offer a rugged, purposely built off roading track that this the perfect for letting loose and... (Quad Bikes West Midlands)

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    Ultimate Activity Company Quads
    Quads Hereford (Herefordshire)

    Experience the thrill of riding Ultimate Activity Company Quads over one of the many tracks we have situated across the United Kingdom. Take an exhilarating ride over the various tracks and obstacles, challenging you and your team in an adrenalin pumping quad biking race. Your quad biking... (Quad Biking Centres West Midlands)

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    Hard Days Knight Quads
    Quads Ashbourne (Staffordshire)

    Welcome to Hard Days Knight Quads! This experience takes place on our purpose built off-road terrain park, which is complete with: Steep banks and slopes Mud dips Water splashes We provide protective overalls, yet it is best to wear old clothes that you don´t mind getting... (Quad Bike Hire West Midlands)

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    Oaker Wood Leisure Quads
    Quads Leominster (Herefordshire)

    Experience the thrill of quad biking with Oaker Wood Leisure Quads! We have designed a “Woodland Endurance Challenge” that is trekking with a difference. Our aim is to develop your driving skills by completing a series of obstacles that require concentration. Stay clear of the... (Quad Bike Hire West Midlands)

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    Team Action Quads
    Quads Rugeley (Staffordshire)

    Welcome to Team Action Quads! Our Wolverine Yamaha 350cc Quad Bikes provide plenty of action-packed fun. You can expect to travel over  5 exhilarating miles of rugged terrain, which includes fast open ground, wild woodland, ponds, pit holes, steep slopes and swamps. All in all an... (Quad Biking Centres West Midlands)

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    Adventure Sports Ltd. Quads
    Quads Warwick (Warwickshire)

    Enjoy quad bike trekking with us. Learn how to drive a powerful all-terrain quad bike through the beautiful Warwick countryside. Our treks incorporate: Slopes and Mud. This is a real off road adventure that operates all year round. Your one hour event will begin with a training... (Quad Bikes West Midlands)

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    Aztec Adventure Quads
    Quads Lower Moor (Worcestershire)

    Aztec Adventure Quads or ATVs are designed to drive over all types of terrain at high-speeds. They will push your riding skill and agility to the limit! The rider must wear a safety helmet at all times, and before you are able to ride a professional instructor will show you how to operate your quad... (Quads West Midlands)

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    Garlands Quads
    Quads Atherstone (Warwickshire)

    NEW! We have just upgraded (June 2013) our quad bikes used for the Quad Bike Trekking activity from the 125cc Yamaha's to our new 330cc Polaris Trailblazers. Our famous Quad Treks have just got even better! At Garlands Leisure you can choose between Quad Bike Racing or Quad Bike... (Quad Biking Centres West Midlands)

  • Twisted Moose Juice Quads

    Quads, Uttoxeter (Staffordshire)

    Twisted Moose Juice Quads provides you with the chance to get outdoors and tear through the countryside on one of their rugged four wheelers. They are in the perfect location to be able to get the most out of your quadding adventure. Set in Staffordshire, there´s plenty of countryside to... (Quads West Midlands)

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