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2 London Road OX3 7PA Headington (Oxfordshire)
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Description of Trail Riding Federation

Welcome to the Trail Riding Federation

We are the organisation that represents responsible trail riders, and helps to preserve the historic, public rights of way so all users can benefit. We do this by ensuring that local councils and highways authorities carry out their statutory rights of way duties, and by campaigning for the fair treatment of all groups that use and enjoy the countryside.

What is Trail Riding?

Trail riding is exploring the unsurfaced network of roads around the countryside, and can be described as ‘pony trekking on motorcycles’. We only ride on public roads which we are legally entitled to use, and in turn we make sure our machines are legal too, with numbers plates, insurance, tax etc, just like any other vehicle on the roads. We prefer to avoid tarmac surfaces where possible, and the different between our vehicles and others on the raods is that ours are equipped for these rougher surfaces, as well as been chosen for their lightness and simplicity.

Where Can You Do It?

You can go trail riding on any public carriageway that is not tarred or concrete.You can also ride your motorcycle legally on sealed surfaces, but it only counts as trail riding when you are off tarmac. We never use the term off-road, as the routes we use are roads in every sense, they just don’t always look like roads to the ordinary motorist, or walker.


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