Sailing in Shropshire

Sailing in Shropshire

Sailing Schools in Shropshire: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various sailing centres in Shropshire offering a full range of RYA practical and shorebased sailing courses in Shropshire. Find sailing lessons about sailboats, navigation and safety.

Sailing companies in Shropshire

Shropshire Sailing Club
Company Ellesmere (Shropshire)

Join us at Shropshire Sailing Club Sailing for sailing lessons or as a member! We are an official Royal Yachting Association training centre and we offer a wide range of RYA courses for dinghy sailing for our members or non-members on the 65 acre Whitemere. Our waters are perfect for beginners... (Sailing Shropshire)

Sue Tuerena Outdoor Adventure
Company Whittington (Shropshire)

Sailing is a liberating water based activity that takes individuals out on the water for an enjoyable adventure that turns into a lifelong passion for so many. Sue Tuerena Outdoor Adventure Sailing offers dinghy sailing in and around North Shropshire on scenic bodies of water like the Wye or Severn... (Sailing Shropshire)

The last consultations about budget and prices we have received from interested people

Company in Ellesmere
Jane · My husband used to sail with his university sailing club, but since getting married and having children has not done any sailing at all. As a birthda
Company in Ellesmere
Sarah · Hello, my daughter will be 12 on wed 16 July. She has asked whether her and 5 friends (6 in total) could have a sailing experience/lesson. Is this so
Company in Ellesmere
Lora · Hello, I'm looking at prices for sailing lessons for my boyfriends birthday. I dont really have a date in mind for the time being, im just looking fo
Company in Whittington
Nigel · Hi My son and a friend both 17 are interested in learning to sail dingys. My son did a beginners day course some years ago but never took it any furth