Snowboarding in East Sussex

Snowboarding in East Sussex

Guide to snowboard schools in East Sussex and snowboard courses in East Sussex. Consult prices and obtain the best offers through the best snowboarding clubs in East Sussex. Find snowboard courses with instructors, snowboard holidays in East Sussex and all of the best snowboarding offers out there!

Snowboarding companies in East Sussex

Company Hove (East Sussex)

Welcome to Snow-Camp Snowboarding!  We offer training since 2003 with a teaching model of empowering young people through snowsports, Snowboarding. Also, life-skills, vocational opportunities and qualifications are tailors.  We dedicate our lives to impulse young people to love the... (Snowboard holidays East Sussex)

Knockhatch Ski & Snowboard Centre
Company Hailsham (East Sussex)

Welcome to Knockhatch Ski & Snowboard Centre Snowboarding Come and join us at our centre in Hailsham, East Sussex, for an exciting snowboarding adventure and try out our 100m dry slope snowboarding which permits you to snowboard any time of year even if there´s no snow! It creates the... (Snowboard East Sussex)

Company Hove (East Sussex)

Get out on the slopes with Definition Snowboarding and improve your freestyle skills on your board with an Olympic coach. As long as you can happily balance and ride down a slope, our fully qualified and professional instructor will be able to help you greatly improve your freestyle skills... (Snowboard Clubs East Sussex)

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Company in Sheffield Park
Alexa · Hi I have never been snowboarding before but I would like to learn. I don't have any of my own equipment and wouldn't know where to start., could you
Company in Hailsham
Mrs Alex · My son is 9 years old and wants to learn to snowboard. He has no experience on either skis or a board. Do you do group or individual lessons and if s
Company in Hailsham
Megan · Hi there, I would like a rough quote for a school booking for a Sunday in November. There will be a group of about 10-20 of us and all of the child