Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre Snowboarding

Glenshee PH10 7QE Blairgowrie (Perth and Kinross)
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Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre Snowboarding


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Description of Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre Snowboarding

While there is snow on the ground Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre Snowboarding plays host to everyone who wants to try out this amazing and extreme sport.

With 40 instructors on hand at our top class facility, we will take you for a day of snow and fun as you learn the basic techniques for getting up on the board and staying there as you enjoy a great range of runs, from our bunny slopes for those with next to no experience through red and green all the way to two highly challenging black diamond runs, strictly for those who know what they are doing.

With the Lessons at Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre Snowboarding:

  • Gain confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn about the environment
  • How to use the equipment and gears
  • Will have Certified and experienced instructors guiding you
  • Develop existing techniques and skills 

Also, our lessons are not only for the Tasters, they are also tailored for the most Advanced boarder. 

Our aim is for you to get everything you can out of this experience, developing your skills and confidence. Have a chat with Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre Snowboarding to find out more.

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