Fun Walk through Edinburg



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Details of Fun Walk through Edinburg

This is a fantastic walking tour through the fabulous city of Edinburg that is a great walk for seeing the city!

The walk starts out in Leith and follows the river bank (a popular tourist area) until reaching the area where all of the museums are located. From here (perhaps after some museum visits) you head towards the city centre, passing by Princes Gardens, the castle, Old Town and then climbing Calton Hill where you can take in the stunning view of the city and the surrounding area as well as the ocean. Then you will head back to the starting point by following a popular and main road.

It is definetly worth exploring this city and all of its hidden gems and hopefully this walk gives you a preview of what it has.

Waypoints of Fun Walk through Edinburg (4)

Bank of Scotland
Bank of Scotland
The water at Leith
The shore in Leith
Holyrood palace
Holyrood Palace
Holyrood Palace
Overlooking Edinburgh
Overlooking Edinburgh from Calton Hill
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Characteristics of the track

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Near: Isle Of Skye (Town), Isle of Skye
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- Type of terrain:
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- Distance: 28.00 Mi.
- Elevation gain: 0 metros
- Date of entry: 07 March 2012

Track Pictures (4)

Aerial view of Holyrood Palace The harbour in Leith Overlooking Edinburgh from Calton Hill Teh building of the bank of Scotland

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