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Details of Pitscottie hike

This is a hike closet to coastal village St Andrews in Scotland starting from Pitscottie. It´s an easy hike of about 19km that should take about 4 and half if you facture in your stop for lunch and if not, it can be done in less.

You will get it walk past the pleasant sights of Kemback, Drumcarrow Craig, Craigtoun Country Park and you have the quaint and well known village of St.Andrews.

This is perfect for a summer or winter´s stroll, just dress appropriately. This trail is a loop so you need not worry about getting back to the car or your transport home.

Waypoints of Pitscottie hike (3)

The beach of St. Andrews
The beach of St. Andrews
Drumcarrow craig
Drumcarrow Craig
Drumcarrow Craig
The waterfalls in Kemback
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Characteristics of the track

Hiking Trails
Near: Isle Of Skye (Town), Isle of Skye
- Difficulty:
- Type of terrain:
- Season:
- Distance: 30.42 Mi.
- Elevation gain: 0 metros
- Date of entry: 14 March 2012

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