Bike Ride from Liverpool to Southport

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Details of Bike Ride from Liverpool to Southport

This route is to get from Liverpool starting new Sandhills Rail station to Southport (to be exact the airfield where the Air show is hosted, although one can continue on just a bit and get to the city. You will also bypass Formby on the way. It´s a fairly comfortable ride with only a bit of slope and the ride should take about an hour and 10 minutes if you´re in good shape and can keep a steady rhythm. This is not a loop though so keep in mind that you will have to cycle home!

Waypoints of Bike Ride from Liverpool to Southport (4)

Formby wood
Formby Wood
You will see Formby Wood to the east as you cycle along.
Long Wood
Long Wood, along the way and a wonderful spot of woods to take in.
Crow Wood
Crow Wood
Another scenic woods that is along the way.
Marine lake
Marine Lake
Not on the route but one can make a slight detour to have a look.
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Characteristics of the track

Mountain Biking Trails
Near: Brighton, England - South East
- Difficulty:
- Type of terrain:
- Season:
- Distance: 59.72 Mi.
- Elevation gain: 18.77 metros
- Date of entry: 12 December 2011

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