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Details of Suffolk Bike Tour

This is a fabulous circular cycle that passes the Purdis Farm, Trimely, Newbourne, Woodbridge, hasketon, Grundisburg, Culpho and Rushmere in Suffolk. This is a circular route which makes it brilliant for planning your way home.

I would say that this trail is fairly easy and most in moderately good shape should be able to complete it without any difficulty. The total distance to be cycled is 52,35km which should take roughly 2.5 hours.

This is a great route for those who like to stop off for lunch of for refreshments. Weather permitting it should be suitable all year round.

Waypoints of Suffolk Bike Tour (4)

Grundisburg hall park
grundisburg hall Park
grundisburg hall park.
Sandpit wood
Sandpit wood
Tidal mill
Tidal mill in Woodbridge
Mound in sutton hoo
Mysterious mound
Mysterious mound in Sutton Hoo.
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Characteristics of the track

Mountain Biking Trails
Near: Rugby, West Midlands
- Difficulty:
- Type of terrain:
- Season:
- Distance: 83.69 Mi.
- Elevation gain: 0 metros
- Date of entry: 21 May 2012

Track Pictures (4)

Grundisburg hall park Curious mound at Sutton Hoo The tidal mill at Woodbridge The quiet Sandpit Wood

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