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Windsurfing Kent: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various windsurfing schools in Kent. Find windsurfing lessons in Kent and windsurf courses to learn or improve your technique with the windsurf board.

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    Bewl Windsurfing
    Windsurfing Lamberhurst (Kent)

    At Bewl Windsurfing, everyone and anyone can have a go at windsurfing. Courses are offered for children to adults and even courses for those looking to become instructors. It´s a great way to get active, get outdoors and participate in a sport. And windsurfing isn´t just any sport, this... (Windsurf Kent)

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    Danson Park Watersports Centre Windsurfing
    Windsurfing Bexleyheath (Kent)

    Come and take on this unique sport, a kind of fusion between sailing and surfing, with the professional team at Danson Park Watersports Centre Windsurfing. Windsurfing is a sport that has captured the hearts and imagination of people around the world, and the venues worldwide for this fantastic... (Windsurfing School Kent)

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    Wild Times Windsurfing
    Windsurfing Whitstable (Kent)

    If you have always wanted to take up Windsurfing, but have never quite managed to  get round to it – now is the moment that you should start! Do a windsurfing class with  Wild Times Sailing and Windsurfing School and learn something fun, exciting, and cool. The course that you can... (Wind Surfing Kent)

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    Leybourne Lake Watersports Centre Windsurfing
    Windsurfing Larkfield (Kent)

    If you enjoy windsurfing, why not bring your stuff to Leybourne Lake Watersports Centre and have some fun on the lake? If you want to learn more about this great activity, you can take some taster sessions or start getting some qualifications from the Royal Yachting Association. If you need more... (Wind Surfing Kent)

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    Bewl Water Outdoor Centre Windsurfing
    Windsurfing Lamberhurst (Kent)

    Enjoy getting out on the surface of the High Weald with this truly unique experience as you harness the power of the wind to cruise along  the water with Bewl Water Outdoor Centre Windsurfing. Our fully qualified instructors will provide an adventure tailored to your level of ability and... (Windsurfing Lessons Kent)

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  • 27/06/2018

    We are aged 12, 15 and 68

  • 29/12/2017

    Hi. I'd like some information on beginner adult windsurfing lessons in 2018 Thanks

  • 17/07/2017

    Hi, I'm interested in learning to windsurf and/or Standup Paddleboarding - do you offer both? How long and how much do lessons cost? Do you have availability this Saturday? Thanks! Sarah-Jane