Linton Zoo

Hadstock Road CB21 4NT Linton (Cambridgeshire)
Family fun Tiger Brazilian Tapir Lion Snow leopard Wallaby

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Description of Linton Zoo

Welcome to Linton Zoo

We are a zoo located in Linton outside Cambridge. We are powered by our family's love and commitment to animals around the globe.

We were created in January 1972 when we changed from being a thriving pet shop and zoo supplier to a full zoo so we could establish a wildlife breeding centre.

Our collection of animals has grown quite large over the years and now includes things like Mexican red-kneed tarantulas, various snakes, giant tortoises, toucans, hornbills, owls, parrots, pheasants, snow leopards, zebras, Brazilian tapir, and Amur tigers. We gain new species annually, many of which are part of captive breeding programs designed to protect and assist endangered wild populations. This means taht there's always something new to see here.

We have earned a good breeding record with several 'firsts' in captive breeding credited to us. We now have 18 acres of zooland which is maturing into a fantastic site that people now go out of their way to see.

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