Can you think of a wackier idea for a sport than swimming through what is practically mud, AND racing at the same time? Well, this is what Bog Trench Snorkelling consists of! Snorkel two lengths of the bog (60 yards in length each way) while outfitted with flippers and goggles. And the only power allowed is from the flippers so ´boggers´ must be in top form!

This is now an annual event, and after having turned a quarter of a century old, this is the 26th year this marvelous and unique tradition takes place! Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys is the lucky host, and they wouldn´t miss out on the chance for anything.

Oodles of ´boggers´ come from the whole world over to be able to participate in the original yet peculiar event. Allowed to compete after 14 years old age, this is a wonderful way to stay out of trouble? Or is it….

May the best bogger win! With flippers flipping to the max, the annual winner will get to hold a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records! Head on down to Llanwrtyd Wells and do not miss out on this fascinating event!