Two extreme athletes are preparing themselves for one of the toughest challenges of their lives: over 1,000 miles of intense kayaking, hiking and biking, and all for a good cause. They are braving this feat in order to raise money for Cancer Research and they hope to be able to raise a whopping sum of £25,000.

Extreme Triathlon

They have chosen this long and agonizing course because, although it will be painful, cancer patients suffer much more, and unlike Bruce Duncan and Anthony Emmet, they cannot take a break from the physical strain that comes along with this disease that grips one’s body.


Their planned itinerary consists of a 65 mile run, 874 mile of bike riding and a canoe race followed by a kayak portage. In total they will be covering over 1,000 in fewer than 7 days. Such a plan can only be given one name: The Epic Tri.

Both athletes recognize the challenge they´re facing, but admit to being stubborn. Although this may seem fairly demanding, nor Bruce nor Anthony is a stranger to such physical challenges. Bruce has won three times over the Wenger Patagonian Expedition!

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They will be crossing the Lake District´s mountains, John O´Groats to Lands End and they will move on to the Devizes, so if you´re in the area, come and cheer them on! They deserve it!