Bungee jumping is a popular adrenalin rush sport that can take place in various locations providing the height is adequate or a tall structure can be built to jump from.

It literally involves jumping into the air and free falling to the ground! The only thing stopping you from hitting the ground is a large elastic cord, which is normally attached to your ankles.

The cord is calculated to stretch to a certain limit and snap back, which causes the jumper to fly upwards again. You will continue to move up and down at a slower pace until all the energy is wasted and you finally stop.

Take a leap of faith

The initial jump enables you to experience free falling as the only force acting upon you is gravity. The sensation of falling through the air cannot be described adequately; you have to experience it for yourself!

It is important that you deal with professional bungee jumping companies that regularly revise and maintain their equipment. The elastic cord is braided shock cord, which consists of many latex strands and a tougher outer cover. Body harnesses have become increasingly popular and are used as a back-up for the ankle attachment. Finally, many bungee jumping operators in the UK rely on mobile cranes to jump from. They provide the greatest recovery speed and flexibility.


There are many different ways to complete a bungee jump such as:

  • Catapult: A reverse bungee jump; you will start on the ground and be released into the air
  • Trampoline: Similar to a catapult, you will start on a trampoline and be released into the air as the tension in the cord is heightened
  • Running: The aim is to run as far as you can before being pulled back by the cord
  • Ramp: Jumpers ride, bike or ski down a ramp before jumping

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