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Unit 98 Dalcross IV2 7JB Inverness Airport (Highland)
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Description of Highland Aviation Flying School

Located at Inverness Airport, near the town of Inverness, we are a flying school run by a dedicated staff and highly competent instructors who all have full commercial licences and hundreds of hours of flying experience.

We provide full pilot training courses and trial flights over The Great Glen, Loch Ness, and countless other amazing areas in the highlands.

Our comfortable clubhouse is equipped with:

  • Briefing rooms
  • Flight planning computers
  • Kitchen with a tea and coffee lounge
  • And a pilot shop

People often learn to fly so they can know what it´s like to look down and see the world unfurled beneath their feet, and we believe that our location has a particularly beautiful terrain to gaze down on. We are near the Cairngorm mountains, Loch Ness, the Highlands, and many castles.

Here are some more reasons to earn your PPL / NPPL with us:

  • A dedicated team of professional commercial pilots and teaching staff.
  • Our clubhouse is fully updated and features things like a kitchen and coffee lounge
  • Although Inverness is a large airport, truly free airspace is just five minutes away, leading to lots of flexibility with flying hours
  • You will learn full and correct Radio Communications because Inverness is a major airport for the region.
  • Our school teaches you how to navigate mountainous areas and island hopping with ease given our superior location. All of our students fly to the Orkneys as a part of their training!
  • Our area has better weather than the rest of Scottland, but still changes enough that you can gain experience flying in a variety of conditions
  • We are open every day of the week, often flying until 9 pm
  • Highland Aviation offers good value for the money

Reach Highland Aviation Flying School if you are interested!

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