2 Hour Outdoor Wall Climbing Glenisla

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Glenisla (Angus)
Outdoor climbing on our wall Stunning scenery Climbing ropes

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Description of 2 Hour Outdoor Wall Climbing Glenisla

Highland Adventure Centre boasts an onsite outdoor climbing wall that is excellent for beginners and climbers with little experience.  This is a half day session that includes tuition from our excellent instructors (who are all qualified under the respective national governing bodies) and all of your equipment. This activity also can involve tree climbing!

ClimbingClimbing AngusClimbing Glenisla

What does the activity include
  • All of the necessary gear
  • Instruction from our trained coaches
How long the activity lasts
This is a 2 hour climbing experience on our outdoor wall.

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8 - 12 people
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It is not a funny experience. It is a complete hilarious technical knowledge to erase the borders of the routes of Glenlivet. The natures have the pockets very full of beautiful reserves and actual locations to be familiar with.

We offer:

-Warm and strong equipment to diversify the capacities to a “well done descending”.

-15-foot waterfall, use of ropes.

-Leadership proves through the jumps and the rappel time
-Surprising waterfalls.

Scrambling and climb. This mountaineering navigations don’t need GPs just our GPS: The staff. Their vast familiarity with buggies is the bealive factor to keep doing this. Let the water be you new love.
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