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Chichester St. BT1 9WW Blackpool (Lancashire)
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Description of Challenger Helicopters

Welcome to Challenger Helicopters!

We are a company with so many years of experience, always caring about our customers and offering the best service possible. We are Europe's first mobile helicopter flight simulator, such a great experience for helicopter lovers, where you will be able to live out this amazing feeling.

The simulator replicates the handling characteristics of the Bell JetRanger, with real flight controls, and a computer that generates a powerful sound system through the pilots' headsets and it also generates visual displays.

There are different types of simulation:

  • For those that love adventure, you can experience the feeling of flying on a crime-busting flight scenario.
  • For a more chilling flight, you can fly yourself down the river Thames.

Challenger Helicopters offers a service where you will be truly convinced that you are actually flying a helicopter. Its high quality and level of realism are what allows Challenger to be used as a teaching device for pilots and for those who want to live out the experience and learn how to fly a helicopter.

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