Laser Tag in Gloucestershire

Laser Tag in Gloucestershire

Laser Tag in Gloucestershire: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in UK laser tags in Gloucestershire centres and laser combat in Gloucestershire fields. Playing paintball laser in Gloucestershire is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Laser Tag companies in Gloucestershire

Darklight Laser Tag
Company Gloucester (Gloucestershire)

Darklight Laser Tag, a place where you will be transported to another would where you must fight for your (artificial) lives, where your stealth and accuracy will be tested, and where you must use the limits of your initiative and cunning in order to succeed and  be the best. With a standard... (Laser Outdoor Gloucestershire)

Battlesports Glos
Company Newnham (Gloucestershire)

Welcome to Battlesports Glos Laser Tag where everyone can have a go at this strategic war game. Laser tag is the pain-free version of paintball and as it uses an infrared beam, it is safe for children and adults alike. Their stunning venue offers grounds for brilliant tactical battles and their... (Paintball Laser Gloucestershire)

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Chepstow Activity Centre
Company Sedbury (Gloucestershire)

If you would like to run around the woods shooting at your friends and dodging being shot yourself, but you don’t want the pain or mess of paintball, or you are under age and not allowed to play paintball, laser tag is a great activity to do instead! With none of the restrictions of indoor laser tag, you can run, shout, hide and ambush til your heart is content, and the best thing about laser tag is how accurate it is- if you get someone, they can’t dodge at the last minute! You don’t have to wear a stuffy mask or goggles, and there is unlimited ammo, so you will never get stuck! A great idea for loads of occasions, If you would like some more information on this activity, or the other activities that are run by Cheapstow Activity Centre, contact them today using the Request Information Free button. (Laser Outdoor Gloucestershire)

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