Surfing in Borth

Surfing in Borth

Surfing in Borth: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various surfing schools in Borth. Find surfing lessons in Borth and surf courses to learn or improve your technique with the surfboard.
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Company Borth (Ceredigion)

AberAdventures Surfing will provide you with the best surfing experience available on the Welsh coast! Surfing is an exhilarating sport, adrenaline rushing and an excellent way to enjoy the water and the coast. Here you will have top of the line coaching, with instructors with over 15 years of experience and with excellent knowledge of the mid Welsh coast life. They are also qualified by Surf Life Saving Association so safety is always ensured and a top priority. For those just starting out, all necessary equipment is provided. For those looking for advanced coaching, you can get great coaching to perfect your surfing skills, even private lessons are available. If you´re looking for surfing on Wales´ coast, contact AberAdventures Surfing and have a safe, adventurous and memorable surfing day! (Surf Club Borth)

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