Strathclyde Country Park ML1 3RT Motherwell (North Lanarkshire)
A great place to come. Some great birds. Enjoy the animals. Meet some new friends. Discover something new. Fun monkeys!

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Description of Amazonia

Amazonia is a great place to come with your family to experience some great animals that you may never have seen before.  With some great animals like the Red Bellied Tamarin, Goeldi’s Monkey, Milksnakes, a Red eyed tree frog and many more, you will be able to discover and learn some great new things.

If your big day is coming up, why not have an amazing birthday party here? Meet your own private ranger, and be taken on a tour of the place, feeding the fish, handle some of the insects and spiders, and use the Amazonia Interactive Station to visit the Amazon!  There are loads of plants, animals, insects  and trees located in this amazing place that is heated up to 27 degrees Celsius! For some more information, why not contact Amazonia and start planning your next visit.

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