The longest hang gliding flight in the UK ever flown was recorded on May 10th 2011. The determined hang glider is Neville Almond, an experienced glider who already held a record of 249 km from two years back, completed a successful flight of 269km, from Milk Hill in Wiltshire to the Norfolk coast.

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Armed with his Air Atos VR, he had originally intended to fly for an astounding 300km when he was faced with a Notam which forced him to change his route. The weather conditions were decent but not exceptional, which meant that although his route had to be altered, the conditions were fair he flew at some moments a whopping 139km an hour at groundspeed.

By beating this record, not only did he outdo himself, yet also fellow glider Nick Pain who held the record for a trip 254km and Robin Hamilton who had flow 260km. although he would have liked to have been able to complete his planned 300km flight, he didn´t do too badly with 269km.

Apart from the need to deviate the route, the other set back was the landing, which Almond described as ¨frightening¨ when he couldn´t find anywhere suitable to land but he managed to land successfully without any problems by making a crosswind landing.

Although he didn´t make the fully planned route, he still did a very good job at beating the other records and now holds the national hang gliding record for open distance. Good job Neville Almond!

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