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Hang Gliding: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in hang gliding clubs. Hang gliding lessons and hang gliding experiencies are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.

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    Peak District Hang Gliding Centre
    Hang Gliding Congleton (Cheshire)

    We are a hang gliding school located in Peak District National Park. Our location gives us access to many different slopes of which have been making people into proficient hang gliders since 1978. For those who aren´t familiar, hang gliding is the unpowered flight in which the pilot hangs... (Hang Gliding Experience)

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    East of Scotland Microlights
    Hang Gliding North Berwick (East Lothian)

    Welcome to East Of Scotland Microlights, the longest established school! At East Of Scotland Microlights, you can experience flights and take training and tuition of flying microlights. The centre is operated by the Chief Flying Instructor, Gordon Douglas. Our instructor has more... (Hang Gliding School)

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    Trent Valley Gliding Club
    Hang Gliding Kirton Lindsey (Lincolnshire)

    Welcome to Trent Valley Gliding Club!  We are a flying club, run by 80 volunteers, that is located 1-mile south of Kinton Lindsey. We offer a huge grass airfield that is surrounded by Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Lincoln and more. With the advanced fleet of gliders, Trent Valley... (Hang Gliding School)

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    Cloud 9 Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Redruth (Cornwall)

    Cloud 9 Hang Gliding will take you to new great heights and allow you to experience what man has always been so curious about: what it´s like to fly! Soar high above the Earth and feel well and truly alive! They offer a wide range of hang gliding course from beginner to club pilot.... (Hang Gliding School)

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    Airsports Sussex  Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Brighton (East Sussex)

    Welcome to the only Tandem Hang Gliding school and centre in the South East, Brighton, Airsports Sussex! All the Tandem Hang Gliding are provided by the certified and experienced and talented instructors and full-time flyers, Mathew Lewis and Luke Nicol. Their priority in life is your... (Hang Gliding)

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    Learn To Fly
    Hang Gliding Upminster (Essex)

    Experience professional hang gliding with Learn To Fly. Hang gliding is all about free flying; there are no engines just the whistle of the wind and the perfect calm. We offer tandem flights in an ATOS VX Tandem Hang Glider. What´s more, we do not use hills for takeoff but rather a... (Hang Gliding Experience)

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    Airborne Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Halifax (West Yorkshire)

    Learn how to hang glide with Airborne Hang Gliding lessons. We are situated in the beautiful Pennines and if you have a head for heights, you will be amazed by the sights we have to offer. We also stock and supply professional hang gliding equipment and can offer objective advice about... (Hang Gliding Club)

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    Airways Airsports Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Ashbourne (Staffordshire)

    Welcome to Airways Airsports Hang Gliding! We are based in the Peak District, which provides some incredible launch sites. Hang gliding is the nearest we can come to flying like a bird; you are face down and rely on the movement of your body to steer around the sky. It is an exhilarating... (Hang Gliding Lessons)

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    Norfolk Club Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Dereham (Norfolk)

    Here in Norfolk Club, you will be able to enjoy an amazing experience called Hang Gliding. Such a wonderful opportunity to come and spend a fun day with your friends and family, doing this adventure sport that will make you feel like a bird, just flying over the place, and touching the blue sky.... (Hang Gliding Lessons)

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    Fly Like A Bird
    Hang Gliding Woolacombe (Devon)

    Fly Like a Bird is a company that offers Tandem Air Experiences in North Devon. We offer Hang Gliding flights, always caring about all our customers and with the highest quality equipment. It is a spectacular experience that you have to enjoy with us! We guarantee that your mind will be... (Hang Gliding Club)

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    Green Dragons Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Woldingham (Surrey)

    Welcome to Green Dragons Hang Gliding! What is hang gliding? You will be mounted on a harness hanging from a wing frame and exercise control by shifting your body weight. You will experience flying like a bird. Is hang gliding safe? We only operate if the conditions are just... (Hang Gliding Club)

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    Northumbria Airsports Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Powburn (Northumberland)

    Northumbria Airsports Hang Gliding offers you the opportunity to try to hang gliding out or even become a certified pilot yourself! Hang gliding is a one of a kind air activity that will have you reaching new heights and feel what it´s like to fly! From their taster sessions to... (Hang Gliding Experience)

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    Suffolk Hang Gliding Club
    Hang Gliding Ipswich (Suffolk)

    Welcome to the Suffolk Hang Gliding Club, our hang gliding club that has been up and running since 1979. We always welcome new & existing pilots to our club and we are one of the most active hang gliding clubs in the UK. Based at Mendlesham Airfield Suffolk, our club pilots make over 1300... (Hang Gliding Lessons)

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    The Ulster Club Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Belfast (Town) (Belfast)

    UHPC has been an active gliding club in Northern Ireland since 1975. Every weekend you can visit us to see how our team works and what is gliding like, how enjoyable and amazing it can be. Hang Gliding can also be a very risky and dangerous sport so is always advisable to be under the direction... (Hang Gliding Club)

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    South Downs Hang Gliding
    Hang Gliding Firle (East Sussex)

    Welcome to South Downs Hang Gliding We are a hang gliding centre based in Firle, East Sussex, and are registered with the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA). We have over 20 years of experience in teaching hang gliding, and instructors are all well qualified and with... (Hang Gliding)

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    Flylight Airsports
    Hang Gliding Sywell (Northamptonshire)

    Welcome to Flylight Airsports! We are a hang gliding company located in Sywell, North Hamptonshire. Have you thought about trying hang gliding but never got the chance? Now you can with Flylight Airsports. If you want, you can get a feel for the sport by taking a taster session with one... (Hang Gliding Club)

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