Hang Gliding in Cheshire

Hang Gliding in Cheshire

Hang Gliding in Cheshire: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in hang gliding clubs in Cheshire. Hang gliding lessons in Cheshire and hang gliding experiencies in Cheshire are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Peak District Hang Gliding Centre
Company Congleton (Cheshire)

We are a hang gliding school located in Peak District National Park. Our location gives us access to many different slopes of which have been making people into proficient hang gliders since 1978. For those who aren´t familiar, hang gliding is the unpowered flight in which the pilot hangs under... (Hang Gliding Experience Cheshire)

£110 per person
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Company in Congleton
Nicola · Hi, I hope you?re well. I just wanted to drop you an email in regard to a CBBC series that I?m currently working on called The Dare Devil. The sho
Company in Congleton
Louise · Hi I am very interested in doing a Hand Gliding Course, which I believe is about 10 days to complete before I'm able to do this alone. Could you plea
Company in Congleton
Craig · My wife and are coming to visit friends in Cheshire, I'm a pilot (US) and have some tandem gliding and sailplane experience. I would like to have my w
Company in Congleton
Paul · Hi, i'm very keen and eager to learn to fly and have had some experience in a microlight on a couple of occations, including with a good friend of min
Company in Congleton
Nickie · Hi, Some colleagues and I are hoping to raise some money for charity by doing a sponsored hang glide. Could you please provide us with more inform
Company in Congleton
Laura · Hi, my Dad, aged 63, has always wanted to HangGlide, he is in good health and has always taken care to ensure that he remains in good health. He is o
Company in Congleton
Gursh · about 15 years go I was learning to hang glide at Sussex college of hangliding and paragliding. Completed my EPC and was halway through CPC, got mar
Company in Congleton
Lexi · Hi Please could you send me some more info on how much the sessions are and how long they are, etc? I live in Lancaster but it would definately be